Masters provides a range of flexible payment plans tailored to your needs. We collaborate with you to devise a convenient schedule. Multiple options are available to choose from.

  • Monthly rental payments
  • Weekly rental payments
  • Upfront retail cash price
  • 90 Days Same As Cash
  • Once 90 days have elapsed, it is possible to settle your agreement balance with a lump-sum cash payment and benefit from a substantial discount.

Rent can be submitted via mail or dropped off at a Masters location. If you choose to drop it off, kindly enclose your payment in an envelope with your name and address for proper account crediting. Rent receipts are available upon request.

Ownership rights are not acquired until the total amount is paid or the early buy-out option is exercised.

Flexible Payment Plans

We align your payment schedule with your convenience. You have various options available to you.

  • Opt for semi-monthly or monthly rental payments.
  • Make payment in full for the retail cash price.
  • Take advantage of our convenient 90 Days Same As Cash option.
  • After 90 days, you can settle your agreement balance with a lump-sum cash payment and enjoy a substantial discount.

90 Days Same-As-Cash

Receive a substantial discount on the total rental agreement price by making a payment equivalent to our retail cash price within 90 days of the initial rental agreement. By doing so, your product will be considered fully paid. Please note that this option expires 91 days from the agreement date and excludes taxes, fees, and optional fee programs.