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Online Bill Pay

All monthly and weekly payments must be made in store.

Payments may take several days to be posted to your account.  After the payment appears on your account, the payment entry will be recorded with the date and time (Eastern Time) when you actually made your payment online. Masters is unable to determine the exact time your payment will be withdrawn from your bank account.  Please contact your bank or financial institution for further information.

Once you submit your online payments, you will not be able to cancel your payment over the Internet.  Please contact your local store if you need assistance in cancelling your online payment.

 We reserve the right to cancel online payments, change the terms of this feature, or cancel or suspend users at any time.

Your credit card may be pre-authorized to verify that funds are available.  A pre-authorization is a temporary hold to verify that funds are available when you make a payment.  If your transaction is unsuccessful for any reason, your debit/credit card may have been pre-authorized, but that does not mean that your card has been charged.  It is not necessary to contact Masters to remove a pre-authorization.  If you need assistance removing a pre-authorization from your debit/credit card transaction history, please contact your bank or financial institution.